Project goals

The goal of the project is the development of integrated medical technology, which can be used along the process chain to augment clinical and mobile pre-clinical use-cases such as the shock room, operating theatre, intensive care unit, and remote on-scene support in and around the ambulance. Networked medical technology and IT systems are integrated into a communication infrastructure across heterogeneous communication technologies to make their functionalities available via a shared infrastructure. State-of-the-art 5th generation mobile communications (5G) and their further development in public and private networks (in hospitals or on-site) can represent an essential component for continuous networking of medical technology. The digital networking of the mobile point-of-care with medical diagnosis and therapy systems results in a significant improvement in the mobile treatment scenario and is desirable in terms of flexible and personalized treatment optimization. Medical resources, technologies and information from the hospital are accessible at the treatment site and collected patient data can be transmitted to the hospital. This enables a more precise pre-clinical diagnostic assessment of the patient-specific situation and a more precise early initial diagnosis on site. Due to the bilateral availability of clinical information at the scene of the accident, including preclinical data in the emergency room, patient treatment can be improved and made more efficient. In addition, assessments for the further course of treatment can be coordinated before the patient arrives and seamlessly continued in the hospital. The use of new communication technologies integrates the entire emergency care from the point of use to the point of care in the hospital and leads to an increase in mobility in patient treatment with improved resource utilization in combination with lower resource requirements.